"The merino ewe is an important ingredient to a productive and profitable sheep enterprise"

Even line of sheep displaying
Quality Wool 17 - 20 Micron
Long staple/White crimpy fibre
High weaning %
Fertility (good mothering & milk production)

RIDGWAY ADVANCE are renowned for their large framed, plain body sheep with soft handling white wools together with high fertility making them the ideal package for any sheep producing enterprise.

Interested in Breeding Ewes
Contact: Bordertown Landmark - Graeme Hampel 0408 838 292 
or David Ridgway 08 8754 2028 / 0409 408 263

Thanks to the success of the stud's breeding program, the stud flock is very even in type and culling rates have decreased to a very low level enabling David Karen and Devon Ridgway to offer their breeding ewes yearly.

All ewes  are on a flock health management program. information click here
MN3 - V & brucellosis accredited