Pedigree on both sides gives confidence in ensuring quality progeny.

Ridgway Advance are very diligent when it comes to their breeding programs & have always used line breeding considering both Sire & Dam genetics, measured all aspects of the animal and used large AI & ET programs.  
contact David (08 8754 2028/0409 408 263) or Devon (0437728276) to discuss your breeding requirements.

2023 Semen Sire  22-1665 ET Bred

Very well structured ram, stands tall with a soft long free wool.

Full ET brother to RA 21-1437
who sold for $50,000 at 2022 Classing Classic Sale. (But Better)

A unique ram with YFD: -2.35 and TCFW: 22.6
Weighing 122kg, EMD 47.5, Fat 8.5



22-1711 ET Bred - Sired by RA 18-0035 A ram that has the complete package wool, meat, structure, width and length. At yearling this ram was our heaviest wool cutter, had the highest EMD , was 1.5mm higher than any other ram in FAT and leading body weight from 320 rams.

WWT:5.4, YWT: 10.84, YEMD:0.28, YFAT:-0.17, YCFW;36.4, YSL;16.2, YFD;-0.76, DP+;178, MP;+170  Weight;124kg


Sire RA 19-0108
Same genetic make-up as the $50,000 Ram that sold at Classings Classic Sale.
Carries the Double Poll Gene - PP  April Drop
18.4 micron, 2.5 SD, CF 99.8%, EMD 50.5, Fat 11.5 & 115kg.
Semen Available


Stud Reserve Spring Drop RA1580.
Sire GP 19-0190
September Drop   PP

17.8 micron, 2.6 SD, 99.7% CF, EMD 50.5, Fat 8.5 & weighing 108 kg. 
Semen Available


 Stud Reserve Spring Drop RA 1626
Sire RA 13-0082
September Drop     PP

17.5 micron, 2.4 SD, 100% CF, EMD 48.5, Fat 9.5 & weighing 105kg. 
Semen Available

All 2022 Stud Reserves Information and pictures - pdf click here


Sire; RA 090
PP   Micron 19.2, SD 2.5 & comfort factor 99.8%      

'A Ram of the Times.'
Tall stretchy, stand up above the mob with great neck extension.
Square meaty back-end. In 2019 he was the stud's highest eye muscle ram. Carrries a long white elite crimpy fibre.

RIDGWAY ADVANCE 17-0421 & 18-0035        
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RA 17-0421    Stud Reserve  & Semen Sire  2018 (Spring Drop 2017)
'Carries double copy of the poll gene 'PP'      Sire RA 080
Tested in 20/6/18   
Micron 14.8, SD 2.8 & 100% Comfort Factor
Good Conformation. 
Pure and great pedigree combinding RA80 & RA 82 genetics

'Ridgway Advance Genetics' Performing'  check out 2017 SA Merino Trial Results
               Ridgway Advance Sire Tops Evaluation. Genetic Insight.
RA Poll Merino Ram had a dual purpose plus index of +136, Wool production Plus of + 130 and Merino Production Plus of +123.
Reported in Stock Journal Dec 20th 18.

RA 90  Sire RA 202 'Carries double copy of the poll gene 'PP'  
 'Possesses a distinctive proud presents.' A Ram that likes to look over his mob. An extremely correct Sire with good production of both wool & meat. David believes this Sire to have the complete package. Outstanding figures & great pedigree. Definently leaves his mark where ever he go's.
Used extensively in 2017 & 2018 years mating program and bred quarter of the Ridgway Advance 2019 Sale Rams.
18.1 micron, 2.4 S.D, 13.3 C.V.  100 % comfort factor 

Sire RA 202        STUD RESERVE    2015  'Carries double copy of the poll gene 'PP' 
'Generations of ET Breeding'  Displays exquisite purity.

Massive  strong head which comes through with all his progeny.
Large stretchy frame with good production of ultra white stylish fibre. 
18.5 micron,  2.9 S.D.,  15.9 C.V.  100% comfortfactor

RA 170045

  RA 045 Stud Reserve & Semen Sire
used as a Ram Lamb in 2017 & being used extensively within the Stud this year.
Displays his fathers characteristics.
Early weight, white high yielding wool with plenty of volume.

 Micron 19.3, SD 2.7, CV 14, C.F. 99.8% 
43 EMD & 8 Fat 110 kg July 2018
Both Father & Son 'Carries double copy of the poll gene 'PP'  

Sire of RA 045 is  Ridgway Advance 150103 selling to Darren O'Brien for $13,000. Bred by RA130082 displaying Great Shape, correct structure with substantial meat traits complimented with white deep crimped long well aligned fibre
19.0 micron, 2.7 SD, 14.3 CV & 99.8% CF.
epresented in the SA Merino Sire evaluation Trial 2017 (check out results) below 

 Father Performed well in SA Merino Sire Evaluation 2017

In the 2017 SA Merino Sire Evaluation RA ram performed well against ASBV trait Leaders
The Progeny displayed distinctive carcass conformation, with positive YWT, YEMD & Y Fat scores.
Graph display click here