Breeding principals at the Ridgway Advance Poll Merino stud, Bordertown have always been to coordinate high reproduction with maximizing meat and quality fibre production. Importantly, when it comes to Merinos it is a matter of ‘striking the correct balance’.
This balanced approach enables the Advance Poll Merinos to adapt well in all environments and reproduce at high levels while competing well in commercial markets.
The Ridgway Advance sheep are very distinctive in appearance with their deep square heavy frame and a pronounced tall presence. They produce a fibre of the highest quality that is bright, bold and deep crimping.
Consistently over the last twenty years large AI programs have been undertaken, averaging a thousand ewes per year and also in the last decade substantial ET programs, which has assisted the development of the genuine genetic line. Subsequently the Ridgway Advance sheep are now breeding with very predictable and reliable outcomes.
David, Karen and Devon Ridgway, principals of the Ridgway Advance stud, would like to thank everyone for their support at the Ridgway Advance Annual On-Property Ram Sale on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 at 4363 Emu Flat Road, Senior Bordertown, in South Australia’s South East.

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All Sale Rams Regulation Autumn Shorn with Current Wool tests, Weight, Eye Muscle & Fat Scores.
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Sale report: 167 sold out of 182 offered
                   Top Price $10,000
                   Av. $2,515

Nutrien auctioneer Gordon Wood, top price buyer Glen Farr, Loxton, Devon Ridgway holding the $10,000 Spring-Drop Ram, Karen Ridgway holding granddaughter Layla Obst, David Ridgway and at front Nutrien Bordertown's Jack Guy.
Buyers from five states looking for proven Poll Merino bloodlines at Ridgway Advance stud's on-property sale at Senior, near Bordertown


Enquiries and inspections welcome
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22-1711 (ET Bred)  PP
Stud Reserve - Semen Available



Stud Reserve 22-1665    ET Bred

A proud well structured ram, stands tall with a soft long free wool.

Semen Available


Full ET brother to RA 21-1437
who sold for $50,000
at 2022 Classing Classic Sale.
                                                  (showing more potential)




Leading the team at Classing Classic 2023
22-1671 (Lot 15).
An ET bred Ram Sired by L 20-3139 and from a top ET bred dam Sired by RA 18-0035
Well Balanced in meat and wool with an EMD of 50.5, Fat 9, Weighing at 115kg and a YCFW of 35.2

Topped the Classing Classic Ram Sale 
Selling to White River Stud for $35,000
Thankyou to everyone for their support 

David  0409 408 263 /