David, Karen & Devon Ridgway, principals of the Ridgway Advance Stud's, have created a distinctive type of sheep displaying all the attributes of the 'Modern Merino.'

These dual-purpose sheep portray a genuine balance in their production 
and performance, focusing on both wool and meat qualities, with high reproduction results.

Commitment to a long term stable breeding strategy and selection for both meat and wool traits has seen the Advance sheep become an established recognised genetic line of Poll Merinos renowned for their even, predictable breeding. 

  Annual Ram Sale : Wednesday 14th August 2019

Gordon Wood, Landmark "David, Karen & Devon Ridgway were 'masters' of ensuring the depth of quality right through the sale."

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"Ridgway Advance regularly use the word 'Balance' in describing their stock and that's what they exhibit."



Stud Reserve RA 476 

To see pictures & Report of 2019 Classing Classic Sale Team  can veiw here

Ridgway Advance 2019 Adelaide Ram had the largest eye muscle measurement out of all the rams in the sale. (45mm)

Conformation of the ‘overall balance and production’ in the breed is demonstrated in the 2017 SA Merino Sire Evaluation Trial.

Final report of the 2017-drop hoggets released December 18, Ridgway Advance 103 was the highest-ranking sire from 16 entries across three Sheep Genetics Indexes - DP+, MP+ & WP+. TRAIT LEADER for GFW, CFW, YWT, HWT and FAT and ranked the most favourable with the Classer’s High Tops/Low Culls grading. Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association executive officer, Ben Swain said “ it is fairly uncommon for one ram to excel in both wool and carcase traits in a trial, as well as having the highest percentage of progeny visually classed as ‘tops’ of all 16 Sires.”

This clearly identified the ‘dual-purpose’ capabilities of the Ridgway Advance Genetics