'Have always understood the resilience and potential of the Dual-Purpose Merino.'  

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  Devon & David Ridgway

 David & Devon Ridgway, Ridgway Advance stud principal

"Likened their sheep breeding focus to the training regime of Olympics athletes saying both required three basics; Commitment, Passion and Goals."


In the past few years Merino Enterprises have clearly demonstrated their economic superiority within the sheep industry.

 When it comes to Merinos it's a matter of striking the correct Balance for sustainable profitability. That is producing Merinos that are predictable, uniform and most importantly profitable. I believe that Ridgway Advance Genetics can bring this to your flock.

Long Term strategies are to maximise the production of quality wool and meat while keeping in mind to never compromise the number one profit driver, reproduction. This breeding philosophy produces sheep that have a genuine BALANCE in there production and performance, are even & have good depth of quality throughout with no wastage.

David invites you to inspect the Ridgway Advance Rams at Bordertown map 
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