Striking the Correct BALANCE for Sustainable Profitability 

Merinos that are predictable, uniform and most importantly profitable.  


2021  Genuine Balance in Production & Performance
2020  Dual-Purpose Capabilities click here
2019  Impacting Predictable Genetics
2018 'Correct Balance' click here
2017  'Genetic's Performing' 
2016 'Poll Merino's that Breeds Predictabilit

"The goals we set years ago are everything that you are seeing today at Ridgway Advance from the wool to the shape of the sheep."
 David Ridgway, Ridgway Advance stud principal
"Likened their sheep breeding focus to the training regime of Olympics athletes saying both required three basics; Commitment, Passion and Goals."





"A Stud where not only top end commercial growers can access some of the best genetics in the country but also stud entrprisers eager to source the next step in breeding strategies' wrote Bill Walker Cassings Cullings '17 read more