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Ridgway Advance Tops the Clasings Classic

 Ridgway Advance, Senior, again featured with the sale's highest price. A $35,000 ram rated highly on both wool and caracase.

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 Buyers from five states looking for Proven Poll Merino bloodlines ensured Ridgway Advance Stud's On-Property sale at Senior near Bordertown, on Wednesday 16th August, came close to its very strong 2022 sale. "At Ridgway Advance their motto is perfectly balanced merinos and that is what you get here, a balance of carcase and fibre and now with ASBV's in the mix, it is a real plus."

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JACK - of - all trades Topped the 21st Classings Classic

 Studs join forces to purchase $50k Ridgway Advance Ram "A Jack of all trades"

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'That is one of the things about these Ridgway Advance sheep, people are discovering them from all over Australia.' If you came to buy 30 rams you could have marked up half the catalogue to suit the same criteria, you can not do that in many places.'

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"Perfect Balanced Poll Merino" - offering "fast growing, square animals" with great fibre

 David likened their sheep breeding focus to the training regime of Olympics athletes saying both required three basics; commitment, passion and goals.

COVID-19 restrictions had made it difficult for the Ridgway Advance interstate clients and potential clients to cross the border and inspect the rams prior to the sale.

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Online presence boosts Ridgway Advance Poll Merino sale with $2472 average


'Rams met the stud's slogan 'PERFECTLY BALANCED MERINOS'. They have got that balance between woolproduction, carcase and fast growth spot on.'

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Buyers chase large Ridgway Advance offering

Evenness of the Ridgway Advance 2019 Sale Rams is the result of 20 years not 'Chopping  & Changing' their Breeding Program

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Bids Rain Down at Ridgway Advance ram sale

 David, Karen & Devon Ridgway are "masters" of ensuring the depth of quality right through the sale.

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Ridgway Advance sire tops Merino indexes

 Ridgway Advance ram excelled in both wool and carcase traits in the SA Merino Sire Evaluation trial at Keyneton Station, as well as having the highest percentage of progeny visually classed as ‘tops’ of all 16 sires.

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Ridgway Advance Quality "Complete Poll Merino"

Breeding balanced Merino's  with wool and meat, as well as fertility.” 

Ridgway Advance stud's strong 2018 annual on property sale was testament to the depth of the offering, according to Landmark auctioneers Gordon Wood and Richard Miller

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Ridgway Advance Ram Performing in SA Merino Trial

 Ridgway Advance ram leads the way in SA trial.
In the 2017 SA Merino Sire Evaluation RA ram performs against ASBV trait leaders

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Interest shown in Ridgway Advance genetics

 Demand for Poll Merinos continues to strengthen with the Industry's focus on dual purpose production.

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Buyers Advance SE sale

 Quality lots offer Complete Package. Landmark auctioneers Leo Redden and Richard Miller were full of praise for the evenness and dualpurpose attributes of the Ridgway Advance offering "They are high impact rams with carcases that meet the demands of today" Mr Redden said.

Mr Miller said Ridgway Advance's clients were being financially rewarded in two areas carcase weight and wool cutting ability." "And it is one of the more attractive, crimpy wools we see in the state" he said

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Classings Cullings '17

Bill Walker 'It dawned on me just how good an operation this stud is' 
This stud is a genuine Parent Stud! A stud where not only top end commercial growers can access some of the best genetics in the country but also stud enterprises eager to source the next step in breeding strategies.

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Ridgway Advance's Outstanding Results

One of Ridgway Advance's best Classing Classic Sales. The Rams displayed a balance of productive wool and meat traits which they have been producing for the past 15 years.

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Interstate bids Advance Sale at Bordertown

A Balance of fibre and meat traits prompted repeat buyer from Barham NSW to return to Ridgway Advance's ram Sale. Tim paid the $5200 top price for Lot 9 - a 19.7 micron June drop, son of home bred sire RA 080. "It has great carcase shape with thickness as well as good fat and eye muscle tests with fibre density and length" 

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Classings in the Race

 'A great day at Ridgway's Bordertown narrowing down teams for Classic' 16 & On-Property'

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Believes in the Merino

 David Ridgway, principal of the Ridgway Advance Stud, believes in the Merino Breed and It's Capabilities

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Ridgway Advance Long term clients successful in 2015

 The Advance sheep are well known for their ability to reproduce at very high rates with distinctive carcass conformation rewarding commercial clients with their bottom line.
This is highlighted in several SA & Victoria’s renowned ewe sales and lambs processed over hooks achieving outstanding prices.

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 The philosophy of Ridgway Advance's stud principals has always been to combine frame, constitution and elite wool fibre, not compromising carcase attributes or wool cut.

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Dual-purpose Merino Winners

Strong Dual-Purpose Returns and Lambing percentage to consistently average 110 per cent to 130pc using Ridgway Advance genetics

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Production & Profitability with Ridgway Advance Sires

 Long term clients of the Ridgway Advance Stud, David & Dianne Farr and son Brent

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Ridgway Advance Continues Momentum

 RIDGWAY Advance Merino stud's continued focus on producing a top quality meat and wool package paid dividends at their annual auction on Wednesday 12th of August at Senior, north of Bordertown.

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