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Ridgway Advance has struck the right balance and developed a dual–purpose merino that benefits the commercial grower. This Balanced Merino has become a breed farmers can count on, producing an elite fibre on a meaty carcass.

For the grazier who has realized the versatility of the breed and has been running merino sheep through the bad times and still profited, the rewards are now theirs for the taking. This is definitely true of the Farr families at Wunkar in the Murray Mallee. I class the ewe hogget’s annually with the seasons varying from year to year. It is very noticeable when the area is anxiously awaiting an August rain to save the crops how positive and passionate the Farr’s are about their Merino sheep. They realize that running merinos provides an income from both wool and meat even in the worst years at low cost and risk. In these times you get a real appreciation of the resilience and the durability of the Australian Merino.

The prosperous times the Merino Industry is currently experiencing demonstrates how unique and capable the breed can be. Others are now acknowledging it with the amount they are willing to invest in breeding stock.

"Remember when you put your head on the pillow at night, your Merino sheep will always be out there growing you wool"

David Ridgway's 5 tips

1. Select for uniformity within the flock

2. Look for depth in the genetic makeup

3. Always consider dual-purpose capabilities

4. It is about striking the right balance

5. Do not use extreme types as it will only make your stock less uniform

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