Ridgway Advance Tops the Clasings Classic

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 Another successful Classings Classic was enjoyed by Ridgway Advance, Senior. With the $35,000 sale topping ram are Nutrien Bordertown's Jack Guy, Ridgway Advance's David Ridgway, Classing Limited's Bill Walker, Ridgway Advance's Devon Ridgway and Nutrien stud stock's Gordon Wood.

Once again Ridgway Advance was the largest vendor and received the highest price of the day.
Selling a team of 27 Rams to a top of $35,000 and an average of $7241.

Ridgway Advance again featured with the sales highest price - a $35,000 ram rated highly on both wool and carcase quality headed to White River Stud, Minnipa and Poochera.

Buyer Wes and John Daniell said they inspected the Sire at the Australian Sheep and Wool show in July and thought it would contribute a variety of strong wool traits to their Stud.

Wes Daniell said "The Ram has really good Australian Sheep Breeding Values, in particular his clean fleece weight and staple length, with an eye muscle depth of 50, which we are all after.

The 115 kg kg Ram ranked in the top 5% on its clean fleece weight measure at 36.0, while its staple length measured 14.9. It carried a 19.1 micron fleece, with a 2.9 SD and 15.4 CV.